Growth Groups at Trinity
Next Growth Groups start 
September 24th, 2018!
Want to know more or be contacted for a future growth group session?  Email your name, phone, and interest level to or speak with Trinity coordinator Jason Sherer at 414.517.8373.

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20-Something Growth Group (Wednesday)
Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 7pm 
Meeting Place: Trinity Room
Host: Matt Birschbach

30-Something Growth Group (Tuesday) 
Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Meeting Place: Round Robin Host 
Hosts: Seth & Lindsay Wenner

30/40-Something Growth Group (Sunday) 
Meeting Time: Sundays at 6pm
Meeting Place: Hoehl Home
Hosts: Nick & Stacy Hoehl

40-Something Growth Group (Sunday) 
Meeting Time: Sundays at 7pm
Meeting Place: Eggert home
Hosts: Steve & Julie Eggert

50+ Growth Group (Monday)
Meeting Time: Mondays at 7pm
Meeting Place: Dittmar Home
Hosts: Don & Wendy Dittmar

50+ Growth Group (Tuesday 7)
Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 7pm 
Meeting Place: Schaumberg Home
Hosts: Pastor & Pat Schaumberg

50+ Growth Group (Wednesday)
Meeting Time:Wednesdays at 10am 
Meeting Place: Trinity Room
Hosts: The Lambs/Clarks

50+ Growth Group (Thursday)
Meeting Time:Thursdays at 1:30pm 
Meeting Place: Trinity Room
Hosts: Ted & Deb Oertel

Starts September 24, 2018

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Once a week for only five weeks   |   Open to anyone - Free & Fun!

Come to Growth Groups
growth groups at TrinityWant to be active in an important engagement ministry at Trinity?  Try Growth Groups.  Growth Groups are a fun, social small group Bible study based on the Sunday sermon. Each group meets, usually in member homes, for a 4-5 week session to grow in faith in God and friendship with one another.  

Benefits of Trinity Growth Groups:
  • Help new members connect at Trinity
  • Grow closer to God and to fellow Trinity members
  • Get more out of the weekend sermon
  • Short-term class (only 5 weeks) that really impacts your life
  • Get to know new Christian friends in a small group (8-12 people)
  • Pray together, talk together, grow together
  • Laugh and have fun
  • Free class - just add tasty snacks

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We have learned that the “bigger” a congregation becomes, the “smaller” it needs to be.  Each member of Trinity Lutheran is a gift from God, particularly our newest members.  How can we get to know every member of a 1500-soul congregation, especially if you are new?  The answer:  you can’t … but you start with a small group and build from there.  Growth Groups is designed to be an easy, casual way of connecting with Christian friends who care about God and each other.  Praying together, studying the Scriptures together, maybe even laughing together, we want to build up Christian friendships here.  We envision Growth Groups to be a healthy way of growing spiritually and perhaps even taking turns serving in the congregation in meaningful ways.

Some background:  our leaders recognize that many new people have joined our church in past years.  But, far too many are coming in the “front door” and without a significant connection are leaving via the “back door”.  Growth Groups is one way at least 10 other WELS churches are using to help better connect their members to God and each other and helping our longer-term members connect with our newest members. 
Every member of Trinity is encouraged to sign-up for a 5-week Growth Group session, tailored to your interest.  Remember -- people in their 40s can join the 30-Something group  visa-versa.
Want to know more or be contacted for a future growth group session?  Email your name, phone, and interest level to or speak with Trinity coordinator Jason Sherer at 414.517.8373.

Pray for this important effort and help us continue encouraging all Trinity members to grow closer to Christ here in Waukesha.
To God be the glory!


Growth Group Q&A

    + Who may participate in the Trinity Lutheran Growth Groups?
  • Whoever wants to.  Growth Groups are intended for all adult members of Trinity Lutheran Church to get connected to fellow Christians.  Our congregation especially encourages new members of Trinity to participate in Growth Groups to help better connect here.  While we want everyone to benefit from this, people will participate only on a volunteer basis.
    + What happens at a Growth Group meeting?
  • The members of the group spend time socializing and getting to know each other over snacks and refreshments in local member homes.  The comfortable setting fosters building friendships.  They also discuss the previous week’s sermon in @ one hour Bible study using interactive discussion questions written by one of Trinity’s pastors.  Each week the group downloads the student worksheet from and spends 15-20 minutes before class working on the 6 discussion questions.
    + How big will the groups be?
  • Growth Groups will generally be from 7 to 12 people, depending on how many couples or singles are in the group.
    + What about children?
  • The members of each group may decide for themselves if they want to bring their children along to the meetings or to make their own arrangements for child care. Teens will have the option of participating.  Participants can chip in for the child care.  Ask your coordinator.
    + How long and how often will the groups meet?
  • We suggest that the Growth Groups will meet every week for a 4-5 week session. There will be three sessions:  September – Thanksgiving, January – March, and Easter – Memorial Day weekend. The meetings will last about an hour, although it’s totally up to the group members to decide.
    + Who will lead (coordinate) the groups?
  • Each group will need at least two people to serve as coordinators, who have demonstrated spiritual maturity and have expressed willingness to be a coordinator. Training for coordinators will be given by Pastor Oelhafen.  Since the class material will be written by the Trinity pastors, the coordinators’ role will simply be to keep the discussion going in a welcoming way.
    + Who will host the groups?
  • Each group will need between one-two hosts to take turns hosting the meetings at member homes.  They will serve to help organize snacks (via sign-up sheets), help welcome participants to their homes, and help support the coordinator.
    + Where will the groups meet?
  • Each group will meet where and when they choose.  Groups will be encouraged to primarily meet in members’ homes, at a local restaurant, or other comfortable surroundings including church facilities (Trinity Room, Fellowship Hall, etc.).
    + Can I switch groups?
  • Absolutely!  At the end of each session, members are free to join a different group; or even better -- start one themselves!