Campus Ministry at Waukesha Colleges

Pastor O with Carrol College students

As of July 2015, Pastor Scott OelhafenTrinity’s Outreach & Christian Nurture Pastor, voluntarily serves the college campuses of the Waukesha area including:  the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, Waukesha County Technical College, and Carroll University (Trinity Lutheran Church is located approximately 1 mile north of the Carroll Campus) as campus pastor.  For years, Trinity Lutheran members & pastors have warmly welcomed about 5-25 college students to weekend worship services and weekly ministries.  We pray we can spiritually care for even more souls in the future.  Pastor Oelhafen’s goals are to help college students connect with Christ and each other through networking with Christian friendships, Bible studies, fun events, worship services, confidential spiritual counsel, prayer support, help students naturally share their faith, and MUCH more for both WELS and non-WELS college students.  Busy college students are in a unique position and especially need Christian support with the truth of God’s Word.  Future ministry plans include on-campus and off-campus events (such as adopt-a-college student, pizza parties, care packages, various Bible studies, fellowship events, service projects, etc.).  This WELS Campus Ministry is intended to support your home congregation, but especially reach out to students who may stay in the Waukesha area for the weekend away from home.  

Would you to know more info about the next college ministry event or add your name to his database so you can be included in our active WELS Waukesha Campus Ministry? Contact Pastor Oelhafen at or his office:  262-547-6450 with your name and cell phone number. If you'd like to support this ministry through volunteering or financial support (our Waukesha Campus Ministry receives no budgeted support but relies on individual donations – special thanks to those who give in this way) – contact Pastor Oelhafen to become active and make a real spiritual difference now in the life of college students.

Trinity member college students:  Please sign-up with the WELS Campus Ministry link above and receive both Forward in Christ magazine, our WELS communication, and Meditations, a WELS book of daily devotions, directly mailed to you for free.  By registering, you will also be able to receive other helpful WELS college materials and announcements from WELS Campus Ministry.  Parents and grandparents – please help your college students register with complete contact info to help connect them to valuable WELS resources.  Sign up to be automatically connected to the WELS Campus Pastor who ministers where your student goes to school (did you know there are more than 550 active campus ministries across the United States and Canada?) so these pastors can pray for your family and include them in their respective ministries.  Sometimes it takes a simple invitation.  Many times students don’t know about these ministries if they don’t share their info.  College is a time when far too many young people slip through the ministry cracks and fall away from their close connection with Christ.  Together, we seek to help them stay close to the Savior Jesus by ministering to busy students who especially need the Gospel.