New to Trinity!
We are thrilled to welcome you to worship at our congregation! It is our prayer that our Savior God blesses you with His life changing Word. With King David in Psalm 122:1, we agree: I rejoiced with those who said to me: "Let us go into the house of the Lord." What joy we have that Jesus Christ has died for our sins to make us right with God. That means no matter what we've done, no matter where we've been, we have free and full forgiveness through faith in Christ. Come and share this joy with us!

How do you fit in? Good questions! Relax, worship, and find joy in Jesus! Find your place here. Even consider membership as a place to belong. Talk with our members, talk with one of our pastors - we'd be honored to meet you today and even schedule a personalized tour for you.

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    Our Worship Experience
  • It is truly an honor to worship our Savior Jesus! Here at Trinity, we follow a liturgical experience (simply, an organized way of worship with variety) that our Christian church has used for thousands of years. Our service is conveniently printed out in the bulletin and red hymnals. There are six parts to our worship service:
    • Praise God - we come to thank God through responses and song for His spiritual/earthly blessings He richly gives us.
    • Confession and Absolution - we come to confess our personal sins to God and to hear the glorious forgiveness proclaimed.
    • Hear and Lean God's Word - through Bible readings and sermon, God fives us His powerful Word that changes our hearts for eternity.
    • Offering - our members support our Gospel work here at Trinity and throughout the world; a visitor does not need to feel obligated to contribute.
    • Prayers- we pray for each worshiper and for the special needs of our congregation knowing God hears and answers our prayers.
    • Blessing - before we leave, the worship leader raises his hands reminding us that God will give His special blessings to us this week.

Carefully following our Lord Jesus' clear command to baptize and teach "all nations" (Matthew 28:19-20), we baptize both children and adults to personally give them the forgiveness of sins. We baptize both members and non-members. Baptism is free - more importantly, it freely offers God's blessings of life and salvation.

If you are interested in scheduling a baptism, please visit these links:  Information Letter, Baptism Application.

Holy Communion

It is our time-honored Biblical practice as Christians to invite only those who are members of WELS/ELS churches to attend Holy Communion (1 Cor 11:26-29). If you are not WELS/ELS, please speak to our Pastors to find out how you can share these wonderful spiritual blessings with us.


It is indeed a special blessing from God when He brings a man and woman together in Christian marriage. Our pastors perform Christian marriages for members or non-members (as long as the husband/wife are pursuing membership). Contact our church office for further wedding information.

Attending with Small Children

Like our Savior Jesus, we welcome little children in church services with their parents. If you find the need to take your child out, please make use of our Trinity Room/Mother's Room located in the back of church.
    Membership Benefits
  • We invite you to consider church membership at Trinity. Everyone needs a church home to feed and protect their souls. It's free and there are many important reasons why people request membership:
    • Bible directed
    • Eligible to receive Holy Communion
    • People to care/pray for you
    • Personalized pastoral care
    • A place to serve and meet Christian friends
    • Christian education program for adults and children
    • Reduced tuition at Trinity Lutheran School
    • Hospital Visitation/Weddings/Funerals
    • Find a caring place to belong
    • Exciting ministries for families and singles
    How do I join Trinity?
  • Are you new to the Lutheran Church?
    Contact our church office for a tour and meeting so that we can answer any questions you many have. We will share with you what our church believes and practices through a short Bible Information Class (FREE babysitting provided if needed). Find out how easy and important it is to be a member and find your place here!

    Are you a WELS/ELS member?
    Contact the church office to simply "transfer" your church membership to Trinity by setting up an appointment for a tour, a meeting, and to sign membership papers.  We will show you where to fit in our congregation of energized Christian believers.

    Want the get the process started? Please fill out our Membership Application and Information Form.