Trinity's Windows 3

Trinity's Stained Glass Windows

Jesus' Nativity, Baptism, and Temptation by Satan

As Mary receives the angel Gabriel's message, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovers over her. The stream of light from the hands of God reveals that the newborn child in the manger is the sinless Son of the Highest, the heir to the throne of David (crown), and the Promised Savior, Christ (chi rho). The three crowned heads represent the Magi who have come to worship the King of the Jews.
The Father (hand) and the Spirit (dove) were present at Jesus' baptism symbolized by the water. The stones, Temple, and hill refer to the temptations offered by Satan who, foiled and furious, slinks away. Christ's victory over Satan was completed on the cross. The letters stand for Jesus Christ the Victor.